Kiarnee & Orion

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Kiarnee gave birth to her little boy Orion just before she turned 21. After a few complications during her labour, Kiarnee was left feeling traumatised from the experience and encourages women to ask for help in times of need.

What’s your name and who’s in your family? My name is Kiarnee. I live with my partner Zac* and our 3 month old boy, Orion.

How did you feel learning you were pregnant? The day we found out I was pregnant was scary and I was afraid of what everyone would think.

How old were you when you fell pregnant? Were you at school/working/studying? I was 20 and studying when I fell pregnant.

Did you feel supported during pregnancy by your family/partner/medical team? My family and partner were amazing during the pregnancy but I didn’t have a lot to do with the medical team.

How old were you when you gave birth? What was your experience like? I was just shy of 21. I was induced at 39+3 as my boy had stopped moving. Five hours after the induction started my water broke. It was 5am on the 17th of May. As I began to push a few hours later, he got stuck so they had to utilise forceps in his delivery. Orion was born at 8.32am but as he had quite a bit of swelling due to the intensity of his delivery, they took him away to observe him.

Were you able to debrief your birth experience in a way that helped you to process the experience? No, it traumatised me due to my boy ending up in the special care nursery for a few days.

What do you think could have made you feel more supported during pregnancy and childbirth? A more supportive medical team and to be more prepared.

What were the first few weeks of motherhood like for you? What concerns/thoughts/feelings came up for you? They were exhausting and busy – I really struggled for the first month and was worried that if I put him down he would disappear.

How did you find transitioning into parenthood? Do you feel that you had a healthy support network? It was a massive shock but as time went on we soon found our groove. For the most part, my mates and family have been great.

What challenges did you face in the first year of motherhood? My partner going back to work was a shock because I struggled to do everything on my own.

What do you love most about being a mum? What life lessons have you learned? I love the cuddles and the smiles. I’ve learned to be more mature and look at life differently. There’s a stigma against being a young mother but honestly, it’s the best choice I could’ve made.

What advice can you give to other new and young mums?

Always ask for help, take it one day at a time and it’s okay to not be okay.

*Please note that alternative names have been used in this blog to respect the families privacy.

Thank you so much Kiarnee for your vulnerability in sharing your story.

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